Virtual Medical Hub

Low cost Community Health and Medical Education

Metaverse as a Service Solution

Our future solution (in early alpha dev) is a blockchain enabled collaborative metaverse model that will help in addressing multiple delivery models of medical and health education & training  We are officially working members for Metaverse Working Group. Metaverse Solutions on Web.

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Voice and XR
Voice and XR

Personalized and Private Metaverse for the Web

Metaverse enabled with 3D and WebXR enabled experiences with role playing avatars Choose your own avatar type for patient/provider based on your country of location instead of “standard models” with skin color, face, attire” including cultural attires too. Custom 50 scrubs with logos for clinicians .Full and Half body avatars based on scenarios. 3D avatars may be imported or created using our 3rd party partner service or (avatars need approval) data sets (patient privacy protected).

“Not your one type space” sensitive to the location where you virtually train. Try for free limited standard rooms for a month*. Adjusted to your location and low latency. Image Credits for some images below under various licenses used in the virtual rooms under CC License, Royalty free license and Public health Image Library(PHIL)

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Services Details

01.3D, AR and VR experiences

  • Virtual Training Spaces-aligned to your specific. training needs-Self paced or collaborative.
  • Conversational Scenarios with AI & NLP
  • Avatar Creation with our partner (build any avatar) from selfie or create your own patient types.
  • Custom built medical avatars with fashionable custom scrub with logos.
  • Secure cloud multi technology stacks AWS, Mozilla Hubs Cloud, Three.js, Babylon.js based on WebXR standards.
  • AR enabled stickers or cards with Natural Feature Tracking (Image Tracking)

02.We help you build customized spaces or experiences

Don’t just build with one standard physical manikin or virtual scenarios difficult to adapt to your own. We help you build your own customized spaces using 3D models, 360 or volumetric based technologies using XR and AI.
Build many scenarios that represents your training using our metaverse model – Virtual Medical Hub.

Join us for a FREE TRIAL early beta access

Once you sign up for a early access module we provide you access to below after a 15 minute discovery call.

2 Standard clinical rooms with a code based access

5 Half Avatars - 3 Women Patient Avatars 2 Clinical Avatars (Woman and Man) based on selfie. All avatars need approval.

3 AR Cards - Handwashing, COVID 19(AR Video) and Heart Model(3D)-No Apps Required(Ages less than 13)

1 Full Avatar Dressing Room

All experiences meant for VR requires you to be 13+ or above. Please read our code of conduct and terms of use and privacy policies prior to use of any AR or VR experience.