Patient Education

Patient and Health Education   with Contextual Patients

For Patient  by Patient with expert content review from healthcare professionals

Patient Education Solutions are Self Paced or Clinician Guided solutions that help patients in managing diseases pre or post surgery, preventative pathways,  managing chronic diseases using simple gamified technique.

Our goal is to help patients be aware of various chronic diseases intervention without medical jargon. Patient centric solutions help women patient understand various conditions with AI personalized contextual patient and case study.

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Conversational Avatars

Personalized Avatar help in answering general knowledge based queries

Personalized Patient and Health Education

The modules cater to women who may have atypical symptoms and help diverse and disparate women learn and be week informed to make critical decisions about their own health based on various SDOH determinants

What are SDOH determinants ?

Social determinants of health (SDOH) are the conditions in the environments where people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship, and age that affect a wide range of health, functioning, and quality-of-life outcomes and risks.

SDOH can be grouped into 5 domains:

Economic Stability, Education Access and Quality, Healthcare Access and Quality, Environment and Social and Community Context.

Soiurce - CDC

Patient and Health education needs personalization based on many factors that include age, sex, race, medical and health condition, livelihood, cultural context, personal health choices and other factors.

Emerging Technology enabling education can help in equitable education leading to better health care.

Web based Solution using Interactive Web Technologies  3D, 360 that use visual stories to help patient understand critical conditions like Cardiovascular Diseases. Connect with us for a DEMO


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Patient Education Solution

Learnroll's approach to patient and health education through visual gamified solutions using interactive technologies like 3D,360,  Video and AI using web can be highly effective compared to current brochures,  standard infographics, videos or handouts These modules can simulate health awareness  allowing patients to understand their choices and integrate  to their personal disease management plan . The education cannot be a one-size-fit-all solution and can improve understanding and retention of medical insights relevant to them.

Content is medically reviewed with vetted  board certified physicians, health educators and experts who have spent considerable time in research, education and patient education.

01.Visual Gamification techniques on  web for  Health and  Patient Education

Gamification in healthcare involves using game design elements in non-game contexts to motivate and increase user engagement in health-related activities. It can enhance patient adherence to treatments, promote healthy behaviors, and facilitate patient education through interactive and fun experiences. This approach leverages rewards, challenges, and competitive elements to make the process of health management more enjoyable and engaging.

02.Personalized Education Paths

AI algorithms can analyze a patient's learning pace, preferences, and understanding to tailor educational content specifically to their needs. This personalization ensures that patients are neither overwhelmed nor bored, and they receive information that is most relevant to their health conditions and treatment plans.

Multiple choices in health are only relevant based on various SDOH determinants. We use Avatar based GENAI Contextual patients with backstories to aid in understanding conditions.

What Patients care about

Enhanced Accessibility With Visual , Voice  and AI, varied educational materials can be made more accessible to individuals with different learning abilities and preferences. Visual aids can help explain complex medical terms and procedures, while voice-assisted AI can aid those who have reading difficulties or visual impairments.

Real-Time Feedback and Support: AI can provide real-time feedback to patients as they navigate through educational modules, curating and summarizing confusing medical advise and reinforcing learning. This instant feedback loop can be crucial in health education, where accurate information is vital. AI can also simulate conversations or scenarios, offering a more engaging and supportive learning environment.

Our platform will provide real live medical and health professionals not just provide  expertise but access to tools and assessments kits, that can help them correct feedback, ask appropriate questions and validate the information through partner services.