Healthcare Immersive Learning Solution

Explore our interactive technologies designed to create immersive and engaging learning experiences. Our comprehensive framework supports higher education, clinical education for current healthcare professionals in medicine, nursing, and allied professions, as well as therapeutic patient education. We provide right fit templates for immersive learning, from initial training to thorough assessment, crafted to enhance the educational journey across various healthcare disciplines.

Tailored Solutions for Institutions and Businesses

Many institutions and B2B course providers are increasingly focused on creating personalised learning pathways for the emerging workforce. Our customised learning aids for immersive courses are specifically designed to meet a wide range of educational needs, ensuring each learner receives a personalised and effective educational experience. Fully adaptable, our solutions can be completely white-labelled and customised to fit the unique requirements of any institution or enterprise.

Improve Training ROI with low code solutions

Our solutions leverage pre-built, low-code components and frameworks to unlock new possibilities in affordable immersive education and interactive learning, offering a higher return on investment (ROI). These solutions enhance your existing training materials by integrating cutting-edge immersive technologies. This approach not only enriches the learning experience but also maximises the effectiveness of your educational investments, tailored to meet the evolving needs of the medical sector.

Maximise Impact with expert driven solution

Our team, comprising expert healthcare technologists, seasoned medical professionals, and skilled gaming experts, offers comprehensive training, support, and consulting services. We ensure that educators and institutions can effectively implement and utilise our advanced learning solutions, leveraging emerging technologies in a cost-effective manner. This collaborative approach guarantees that our content is not only innovative but also clinically accurate, enhancing educational outcomes and enriching the learning experiences.

Our Solution

Transforming Women's Healthcare Education 

From undergraduate students to clinicians and patients, our comprehensive healthcare education solutions leverage modern Generative AI to develop need-based, short courses and experiences using templates. These are specially designed to empower patients and clinicians with adaptive pathways to manage primary chronic diseases in diverse women such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis and more—with empathy and precision. Discover our tailored learning solutions that utilise the latest educational technologies, transforming teaching and learning processes. Our AI-assisted, customised learning paths are designed to address a variety of use cases, particularly enhancing women’s healthcare across multiple disciplines.

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Classimmerse is a cutting-edge medical and health education platform that provides students and clinicians with the tools to build immersive, spatially aware courses using templates. This innovative framework is designed to quickly train and upskill medical, nursing, and allied health professionals. With options for micro-credentialing or formal credentialing, tool templates integrates Generative AI assistive tools to enhance learning outcomes and streamline the educational process. Ideal for creating short, impactful immersive courses, It supports rapid skill development in a dynamic, interactive learning environment.

A Competent Team

Our core product platform is optimised for self-paced, outcome-driven learning across medical and health disciplines. It supports a range of educational needs from micro-credentials to fully accredited courses. Our platform utilises cutting-edge technologies, including 3D, AR, VR, and AI, to deliver an immersive educational experience for both healthcare professionals and patients. Additionally, our customisable templates allow for tailored educational solutions to meet specific learning objectives.


Solutions Delivery

Solutions for your specific healthcare needs may not be a "Add to cart" solution but requires in depth understanding of your use case, context and needs of your learners.

What kind of licencing do you support for your solutions?

Our products and services are available for purchase under Single User or Bulk Licence agreements. Each licence, provided by Learnroll LLC as the software licence provider, is governed by an End User Licence Agreement (EULA) that grants a non-exclusive right to the software buyer. This standard licence also incorporates any applicable third-party services and warranties, ensuring comprehensive coverage and support.

How do I use the licence in other countries ?

Our licences for countries outside the United States are governed by an End User Licence Agreement (EULA) and may be subject to restrictions based on U.S. trade practises and specific embargoes. All of our core products and services are developed in the United States, ensuring adherence to high standards of quality and compliance.

How do you licence a custom project?

For custom projects developed collaboratively by Learnroll and our clients, we offer specialised licencing options tailored to meet enterprise needs. These projects, whether exclusive or special in nature, can be licenced under proprietary or open-source terms, depending on the specific requirements of the project.

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Case Studies

Learnroll has provided multiple innovative solutions to unique customers that we are proud to showcase and are change makers in new learning pathways. Get the latest updates about us including guest article, technical posts and projects in our blog section.

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Women Health

Helping women patients train at home for emergencies.

Innovate for Women

We implemented a multi country remote at home 360 VR based solution which women could pre-train for readiness with AI /CV aided help prior to real emergency situations in remote areas.

Gamification -Non Profit

We transformed an unique traditional short indigenous storey in a book to an immersive VR storey that teaches about climate and environment

images 04

Anatomy and Health Students

We integrated our health-based VR lesson in live classrooms with traditional learning courses- learning about heart health and anatomy.