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Learning Pathways from Training to Credentialing

Classimmerse VR transforms medical education by moving beyond traditional lectures and textbooks, which often don't fully engage today's Gen Z and Millennial healthcare professionals. Our advanced VR platform features engaging music, realistic SFX/VFX, tactile haptics, and voice interactions, all powered by AI. This immersive approach is tailored for the dynamic field of modern healthcare, offering concise, self-paced modules that improve patient care skills efficiently and cost-effectively.

How it Works

Classimmerse is a comprehensive platform designed for the digital education and training of diverse healthcare careers and skills. It allows for self-paced, immersive learning tailored to the needs of the next generation of healthcare professionals.

 By 2030, Millennials and Gen Z will constitute over half of the diverse workforce, increasingly depending on technology-enabled solutions. These solutions offer enhanced and equitable access to courses that prepare them for real-world challenges through global immersive experiences.

Craft concise VR and MR training modules tailored for the busy healthcare workforce. Our platform supports a wide range of professionals, including those in higher education, physicians, nurses, assistants, allied workers, and vocational training sectors. Enhance skills and knowledge efficiently with immersive, targeted learning experiences designed to fit into hectic schedules

Build engaging training content with our versatile templates that incorporate voice, haptics, and 360/3D/2D visuals, supported by Generative AI. Learners can progress at their own pace, using mobile XR headsets equipped with remote deployment capabilities. This allows for a flexible learning experience that adapts to individual schedules and needs.

Our integrated assessment tools come equipped with timers to help students practise and prepare for competency tests and exams. After completing assessments, learners receive detailed summary reports and earn digital badges, which visually represent their accomplishments and skill mastery.


Cloud Based SaaS

Classimmerse offers a cloud-based secure SaaS platform (AWS) that enables the creation and deployment of VR healthcare courses. Our platform is optimised for advanced 6DOF mixed reality devices, such as the Meta Quest, ensuring a seamless and powerful learning experience.

No Code Creation

The Classimmerse XR Course Builder provides a no-code, motion-calibrated VR framework. It allows educators to construct immersive courses using a diverse array of assets including 3D models, 360 images and videos. Gen AI assisted builder accelerates course development.

Multimedia Integration

Enhance learning with our platform's ability to integrate voice, haptics, music, and immersive backgrounds into your courses. Our interactive practise tests and assessments are complemented by a virtual classroom setting, making each session engaging and effective with haptics enabled 3D assets.

LRS/LMS Integration

Easily integrate your courses with your existing SCORM compliant LMS/LRS systems. This compatibility ensures that you can track learner progress and outcomes efficiently, leveraging existing infrastructure to maximise educational impact.

Timed Course Module

Our framework is designed for flexibility, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate timed components into your toolkit. It supports integration with various third-party APIs, enabling enriched content delivery and credentialing options. 


Virtual Reality offers advanced progressive tracking capabilities that far exceed those of traditional courses. This technology captures detailed engagement data, enabling educators to enhance learning outcomes more effectively. 

                    Introducing Classimmerse  VR

                            Immersive Learning for Modern Healthcare Needs - Learn, Train and Assess for training and upskilling for students and clinicians.

Studies show that immersive learning is not only time-efficient but also significantly enhances productivity and delivers a substantial return on investment—ideal for busy healthcare professionals with varied educational requirements. Our platform solution, a recipient of multiple awards, offers a customisable toolkit that enables institutions to effortlessly design bespoke VR courses through intuitive, low-code templates. This pioneering method minimises training mistakes and boosts knowledge retention while fostering essential hard and soft skills. As a result, Classimmerse emerges as a crucial asset in elevating healthcare education and professional competency.

Quick Upskilling with XR for need based competencies

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Course Providers -Medical Education and Training

Component based no code upskilling platform solution. You can customise and add your own components and integrate a micro-credential or badge or formal credits for *MCAT, NCLEX, CME or in-house training with each section time and analytics.

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Use Cases for Training

Healthcare use cases may be for 

- Education and Training for Students

-Clinician Hard/Soft Skills Training, Medical Devices , Drug Discovery, Surgical 

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Bulk Institutional Training

Training providers with vr upskilling needs for simple to advanced health and medical skills for SELF PACED guided Content training using various modalities for knowledge or skills training with 2D videos, slides, 3D models, guided avatars, Voice (TTS), AI/ML, Haptics. Bulk SOC2 secure deployment globally with analytics.

*MCAT, NCLEX are 3rd party trademarks and does not indicate any formal partnership or association beyond following best practises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Classimmerse is a patent pending XR course builder framework and toolkit  that helps build various kind of courses for patient, health and medical education using templates. Classimmerse applications support various 3D and XR modalities using AI backed services(optional).

No, we do not resell or support device headsets. You can contact Meta/Other sellers to find authorised resellers in your country. Our WebXR enabled modules do not need any VR device.

We currently support applications on Meta Quest/Quest 2 with future support for Vision Pro and  Valve supporting other headsets. 

The store based apps are B2C versions ONLY . It is not for Enterprise uses.

The application(APK) for Android devices (Meta Quest/Quest2) does not need internet after initial download. If internet is not available it runs in offline mode where any web enabled internal components like links may not be available. The application supports self paced VR lesson in offline mode.

Classimmerse uses component based applications building principles . It may be customised by B2B organisations with their own whitelabelled logo. Individual store or pre-packaged applications cant be customised and have limited functionalities as single user licenced applications

As of August 2022, Facebook accounts are not mandatory. Learnroll Business Meta accounts are new meta accounts delinked from Facebook social media accounts.

The application is SINGLE VR HEADSET with multi user sessions not to exceed 5 per headset for bulk EULA licences


This was an amazing experience. You learnt a lot, from looking at the heart,it was fun and not boring. This was my first time doing brand so this was different for me

I really really like it! I’m the type of Learner though who needs to write things down and be very hands on in order to understand so I think this would be a cool thing to look at the heart during a lab and a dissection.

Very good use of technology for learning purposes

Looking into an up close screen too long became straining as well. Rotation feature was difficult to use and need work to fix. Other than that it was very valuable due to interactive learning in ways that are difficult to create in real life. (Feedback taken and implemented).

I liked today's class, it was brilliant

You should add more experiments

I really love the 3d virtual.

I really liked the experience today.

I wish there were a way to zoom into the model to get a closer look (Feedback was incorporated in product for zoom and virtual touch).

I enjoyed it. I understand how the focus is based on S.T.E.M. however I think it could be useful in other subjects too.



Building your own white labelled custom courses

with a next generation platform solution.

Bulk Deploy (SOC2 MDM)

Healthcare Education

Virtual and Mixed Reality 

AI and Voice 

Course Creation Templates (Portal) with Gen AI 

We offer innovative upskilling opportunities through a secure platform, specialising in next-generation, technology-enhanced gamified healthcare education. Our solutions are designed to enhance the skills and competencies of healthcare students, clinicians and vocational career seekers ultimately contributing to the improved health and well-being of diverse patient communities.

Ideated by a mother, technologist, patient and built by healthcare & gaming experts based on real world problems of education - quality education must empower students, clinicians  towards better PATIENT CARE WITH EMPATHY

Enterprise Services

Value based services for advanced training in medical and health using VR and MR.

Professional Service

Customisable Templates for diverse needs

Optimise your healthcare education and training with our 'Anatomy' templates and others designed for high reusability and low maintenance. Customise these templates for various use cases, including white-label or DEI options that allow you to apply your own branding.

Efficient Timers for Competency Testing

Our training sections, referred to as 'BOARDS,' feature built-in lesson timers that are perfect for busy professionals. These timers help manage learning, training, and assessment sessions efficiently, timing activities ranging from model analysis and studying CT/MRI scans to video tutorials and practise tests. Our assessment timers are customisable based on assessment types like pre-credentialing exams or in-house competency tests.

Innovative course building with Gen AI toolkits

Designed for scalability, the Gen AI Toolkit allows you to expand and customise course materials as needed. From small class sizes to large-scale educational deployments, adapt your content to meet diverse learning environments and requirements

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