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Our SaaS solution is an award-winning platform. It is a “toolkit” of curated software components that can be assembled by institutional users using “templates” as a low code plug and play system saving them time, money, and value. The templates used provide short and essential need-based training for workforce healthcare competency and education.


Undergraduate Medical (Micro credentials) - VR (Pre-Medical, Nursing, Allied Workforce, Resident Physicians) *MCAT ,* NCLEX



Patient Education for Women(Chronic Conditions). 

Medical -Q&A Service - Heart(Based on Stanford Medical Alpaca)


Unity 3D (Engine)

Meta, Quest2(VR)  

WebXR (3D, VR, AR) 


Classimmerse XR
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How it Works 

Course Design Module

Short modules facilitated using design principles for self-paced course. Unlike traditional courses AI assisted generative tools may help in identifying "essential" level competency to aid in credentialing . Create your own custom module which include our assistive tool kits for summaries and more.


Use only needed components for technical and healthcare usage from our toolkit for high re-usability, low maintenance and low cost customized deployment and white label with your own branding. Components include 3D Model Viewer with Haptics and Voice, Quiz, Slides,Timers, Session Manager.

Timed Training

Training specific to competency training vs traditional classroom courses. Sections allow timing everything - from model analysis, studying CT/MRI, videos to practice tests. Timers help as essential aids to time users for formal credentialing.

In-Built Assessments

Repetitive timed assessments and tests can vary from Q&A format to labeling exercises with timers for formal credentialing and mock test training for students and clinicians.

Patient Education

Our additional modules uses 3D and WebXR based  gamified interactions for building new 3D or VR/AR courses for patients using pre or post surgery. Patients do not need to use expensive AR or VR devices. 

Bulk Deploy

Virtual Reality allows progressive tracking that capture engagement vs traditional course which provides limited abilities to improve outcomes. We use  Store and Enterprise models for Single User and 3rd Party Partner Services(VR).

Quick Upskilling with XR for need based competencies

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Course Providers -Medical Education and Training

Component based no code upskilling platform solution. You can customize and add your own components and integrate a micro-credential or badge or formal credits for *MCAT, NCLEX, CME or in-house training with each section time and analytics.

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Patient Training - Health and Patient Education (Women focused)

Patient Education modules provided for health and wellness aligned to diverse women population. Some of the key uses

- Disease management of Chronic Conditions like Hypertension, Heart Attack

-Emergency Self Care with VR

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Bulk Institutional Training

Training providers with vr upskilling needs for simple to advanced health and medical skills for SELF PACED guided Content training using various modalities for knowledge or skills training with 2D videos, slides, 3D models, guided avatars, Voice (TTS), AI/ML, Haptics.

*MCAT, NCLEX are 3rd party trademarks and does not indicate any formal partnership or association beyond following best practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Classimmerse is a patent pending XR course builder framework and toolkit  that helps build various kind of courses for patient, health and medical education using templates. Classimmerse applications support various 3D and XR modalities using AI backed services(optional).

Classimmerse Health - These are comprehensive patient centric education modules for women of all ages including mothers, teens and older women for preventive, pre and post surgery patient education

Classimmerse Medical - These are modules that help the clinicians in training and upskilling for micro-credentials or accredited courses.

No, we do not resell or support device headsets. You can contact Meta/Other sellers to find authorized resellers in your country. Our WebXR enabled modules do not need any VR device.

We currently support applications on Oculus Go and Meta Quest/Quest 2 with future support for Web and Steamworks( Valve) supporting other headsets. WebXR enabled apps support 3D without headsets too.

The store based apps are B2C versions ONLY will be available for download from the Oculus App Lab soon.The apps listed here are limited access low cost versions that are meant for SINGLE USERS only. It is meant for students or small businesses.

The application(APK) for Android devices (Meta Quest/Quest2) does not need internet after initial download. If internet is not available it runs in offline mode where any web enabled internal components like links may not be available. The application supports self paced VR lesson in offline mode.

Classimmerse uses component based applications building principles . It may be customized by B2B organizations with their own whitelabelled logo. Individual store or pre-packaged applications cant be customized and have limited functionalities as single user licensed applications

As of August 2022, Facebook accounts are not mandatory. Learnroll Business Meta accounts are new meta accounts delinked from Facebook social media accounts.

The early access module available on the website can be downloaded and used only as a preview app. The application is meant for use with guidance from health professionals as a health education or coaching tool. It is a B2B product


This was an amazing experience. You learned a lot, from looking at the heart,it was fun and not boring. This was my first time doing brand so this was different for me

I really really like it! I’m the type of Learner though who needs to write things down and be very hands on in order to understand so I think this would be a cool thing to look at the heart during a lab and a dissection.

Very good use of technology for learning purposes

Looking into an up close screen too long became straining as well. Rotation feature was difficult to use and need work to fix. Other than that it was very valuable due to interactive learning in ways that are difficult to create in real life. (Feedback taken and implemented).

I liked today's class, it was brilliant

You should add more experiments

I really love the 3d virtual.

I really liked the experience today.

I wish there were a way to zoom into the model to get a closer look (Feedback was incorporated in product for zoom and virtual touch).

I enjoyed it. I understand how the focus is based on S.T.E.M. however I think it could be useful in other subjects too.


Classimmerse  Medical

Train Students, Patients and Clinicians with Customized 3D, 2DSlides (images, videos), Generative AI with VOICE & HAPTICS

Classimmerse Health

Health and Wellness starts with knowing diseases, symptoms, anatomy and more - simple with no jargon and gamified .

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