We connect healthcare education with the latest technology to foster innovative and effective learning environments.

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Practical Innovative Learning Solutions

Discover emerging right fit learning solutions, harnessing the latest in education technology to transform the way we teach and learn. The solution provide all kind of learning with AI assisted customized learning paths.

We provide solutions that are transforming multiple use cases

Healthcare Career Readiness Solution

Interactive classroom technologies, creating immersive and engaging learning experiences using our framework for higher education, clinical education of current healthcare professionals in medicine, nursing or allied professions, patient education - for crafting effective complete immersive learning pathways from learning and training to assessment.

Solutions for Enterprises, Institutions and Governments

Most Institutional and B2B course providers are seeking creating personalized learning pathways for new workforce .Our customized learning aids for immersive courses are designed to meet diverse educational needs, ensuring personalized and effective education for every learner. It can be completely white labelled and customized based on institutional or enterprise needs.

Exploring new dimensions with 3D, AR, VR and AI

Our solutions use pre-built low code right fit components and frameworks, opening new dimensions in affordable immersive education and interactive learning providing higher ROI . It augments your current training materials with benefit from use of immersive technologies.

Mature And Experienced Team

Our team has wide ranging expertise and can provide training and support or consulting services, ensuring educators and institutions can effectively implement and utilize not only our learning solutions but how they can cost effectively leverage emerging technologies.

Our Solution

Complete Skill Training  Solution

The Complete solution for healthcare education - from undergraduate students to clinicians and patients with modern Gen AI assistance for building need based short courses and experiences to empower clinicians to care for patients with empathy.

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Our Products and Services


CLASSIMMERSE: Revolutionizing Medical and Health Skills Training. Our core product platform is designed for self-paced, outcome-driven learning in medical and health disciplines. It supports both micro-credentials and accredited courses, utilizing cutting-edge technologies like 3D, AR, VR, and AI for an immersive educational experience. Our advanced courses feature voice interaction and haptic feedback. Once downloaded, our native VR content does not require an internet connection.

Virtual Medical Hub

Our platform offers a unique service: Customizable Virtual Training and Learning Rooms, designed for collaborative community learning. These personalized, private rooms are accessible through specific codes and cater to web-based learning. They feature interactive tools like voice and chat, along with specialized medical or health-focused environments. Please note, these are not telemedicine facilities. Additionally, we offer custom medical 3D avatars for an immersive learning experience.

Custom Projects

Our expertise extends to specialized healthcare projects, focusing on areas such as health training, diagnostics, and rehabilitation. We possess the skills to undertake diverse projects in health, medicine, and sustainability. A key aspect of our work is the emphasis on personalization, particularly for women and under served communities, ensuring tailored solutions that meet specific needs.

Pricing Plan

Solutions for Health and Medical Courses

 Price Plan For You


$ 50/m

Students, Individuals - 2 Courses

Vocational and Higher Education

Self Paced Micro-Credential Course

  • Classimmerse VR Course -Circulatory
  • Classimmerse AR eBook - Circulatory
  • Music, SFX, Virtual VR classroom
  • 1 Practice Label, 1 Formal Timed Quiz
  • Summary and Micro credential Badge
  • Limited Support , 1 Q and A Printable and Guide every month for selected Pre-Medical course self study.
  • Curriculum and Text Book Based on OpenStax
  • 80%score required  for badge reward.

  • 1 Student License VR Quest 2.



For small & startup business 5 to 10 students - 10 Courses - 1 VR, 9 AR

Mentor Driven Micro-Credential Course

  • Classimmerse VR Course -Circulatory
  • Classimmerse AR eBook - Anatomy
  • Music, SFX, Virtual VR classroom
  • 1 Practice Label, 1 Formal Timed Quiz
  • 1 3D Virtual Web based Tutoring Room for circulatory system.(Virtual Med Hub)
  • 1 Mentor with 4 Student License/Device(VR Quest 2) 50+ Avatars

  • Curriculum And Text Book based on OpenStax
  • Limited Support , 5 Q and A Printable and own Micro credential badges  for 5-10 Students. 


For professional medium to enterprise institutions and course providers

Partner Custom Courses Whitelabel


  • AI Course Creator Toolkit
  • Portal access to courses with Analytics
  • Admin Access to course providers
  • Bulk Auto Deploy using Secure SOC 2
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Admin DAP (Digital Access Platform) Porta(coming soon)l, AI assistive tools and Dashboard, 3rd party detailed Analytics Reporting, Templates
  • Free 1 Year License for Classimmerse VR-
  • SCORM 1.2 content packaging for  Integration to LMS/xAPI and LTI.

Solutions Delivery

Solutions for your specific healthcare needs may not be a "Add to cart" solution but requires in depth understanding of your use case, context and needs of your learners.

How do I install your VR applications for my workforce training?

VR applications for an institution can be white labelled with their own logo .A training can be launched via our SOC2 remote deploy MDM partner solution. The solution will require a monthly small fee for automated deploy and analytics. Supported applications are VR native(Quest2), WebXR and 360 VR.

How do I install the applications for training or learning?

Applications may be native or browser based (using the web and an internet connection). Applications may be launched via an MDM, portal or Secure SSO enabled partner site.

What kind of use cases are these applications for?

Our cutting edge emerging technologies are still early access applications as many of the stacks used are new and innovative and may not have reached the maturity of older applications. To ensure optimal use we use most recommended best practices, standards and architectures.

Case Studies

Learnroll has provided multiple innovative solutions to unique customers that we are proud to showcase and are change makers in new learning pathways. Get the latest updates about us including guest article, technical posts and projects in our blog section.

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Women Health

Helping women patients train at home for emergencies.

Innovate for Women

We implemented a multi country remote at home 360 VR based solution which women could pre-train for readiness with AI /CV aided help prior to real emergency situations in remote areas.

Gamification -Non Profit

We transformed  an unique traditional short indigenous story in a book to an immersive VR story that teaches about climate and environment

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Anatomy and Health Students

We integrated our health-based VR lesson in live classrooms with traditional learning courses- learning about heart health and anatomy.