Simple Tips for Becoming the Most Organized Teacher You Know

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Guest Blog by Joyce Wilson

Being organized is a vital component of any teacher's job. It helps you to manage your time more efficiently and have structures in place for creating a better learning environment for you and your students. But let’s not pretend that getting and staying organized is a walk in the park. shares some practical tips for how you can become more organized in your role as a teacher!

Anonym, Friday, March 31, 2023

Metaverse for Education and Training

We organized an hands on workshop on with teachers on the basic exploratory phase on what metaverse means and various concepts and terminologies on what the metaverse is all about including the value chain of metaverse including the various working groups and how they can get value from it, in its early days. The metaverse has various definitions and lacks standardization due to many inherent technologies it may still in its early stage or its interoperability not well flushed especially ...

Anonym, Tuesday, August 30, 2022