Learnroll Receives Healthcare Tech Outlook Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Vendors Award 227 0

Learnroll Receives Healthcare Tech Outlook Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Vendors Award

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LEARNROLL has been selected for the Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Award by Healthcare Tech Outlook. This award is a great motivation for an emerging small tech startup like us who envision changing and contributing to the healthcare education space for our current and next generation workforce who look forward to better trainings to improve competencies and proficiencies in patient care skills. The resulting outcomes is better care, improve patient knowledge and communication via skilled caregivers and healthcare providers. Our focus areas is improving healthcare space education especially in critical skills in the continuing medical education space where only compliance based Accreditation and pen and paper based skills assessment is the norm. As stated by the Research committee, National academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine (Virtual Reality Challenges) states The purpose of medical accreditation is to ensure that physicians have a minimum level of skill and knowledge adequate to serve the public. The knowledge and skills acquired by physicians-in-training depend very much on the idiosyncrasies of the patient population and the epidemiology of diseases to which they are exposed. Thus, whereas residents of different programs have extremely disparate bases of knowledge and different levels of skill, even residents in the same program may acquire very different funds of knowledge. For recently developed surgical techniques, training programs may differ even more strongly, lacking standardized training methods and standardized accreditation procedures Today Healthcare needs has become complex especially with #COVID 19 and immersive technology space provides various choice of technologies that are more aligned to delivering more benefits than standard videos and lectures and reduces cost for training remotely for skills-based simulation scenarios (in physical brick and mortar centers). It’s unique abilities now and in future to create highly interactive trainings with “hear”, “touch” and “feel” simulated sensations; auditory, haptic, kinesthetic, and even smell using technology. The need today and in future is also pandemic proof solutions that democratizes the delivery using right fit solutions for affordable access to quality immersive solutions remotely. Healthcare workers also need to enjoy the serious learning process with fun gamification techniques! You can read more about the award and the complete interview here

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