Founder and CEO & CTO wins the coveted International Achievers Award 2020-21 69 0

Founder and CEO & CTO wins the coveted International Achievers Award 2020-21

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We are happy to Inform that our Founder was recognized from India, where she immigrated from by the prestigious Indian Achievers’ Forum, Govt. of India Recognized 80G, 12A compliant organization which is well known for promoting global achievements that may not be traditional in nature and inspires businesses and communities. The award not only encourages entrepreneurs but provides good practices and models for creating those who are inspiring to build in future starting with less resources. The prestigious awards recognizes our founder's efforts in her three decades of work in professional roles as well as contributing to education through technology solutions and providing her individual efforts to various S.T.E.M programs in U.S and other continually giving programs. She has not only impacted a new way to learn for the Millennials & GenZ but through new technology innovations inspire social impact like using VR & AR storytelling and other programs to promote sustainable approach to life using United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. She is not deterred by the fact that it is an emerging technology which may not be able to gain traction like other traditional businesses as she feels that for a new business for-profit or non-profit must deliver value and be impactful. Our Founder was born in Calcutta(now Kolkata)India, a city known for iconic contributions to art, culture and science. She feels that lot of her interest in professional roles including career readiness is due to her father's encouragement and motivation as a mentor in science & engineering and to stay resilient and focus on dedication to any work. She has worked professionally for around 30 years starting with hardware engineer to niche roles in Fortune 100 & 500 in various software, IT and consulting for very niche projects like Insider Analytics from NYSE, HealthCare Cloud projects in Optum & UNH and has always been very dedicated to quality and delivering practical solutions in all her individual contributor or team lead roles. When she started her startup, she continued to persevere to provide quality solutions that focus on empowering healthcare professionals and next generation workforce. She regards a team that creates with passion which is truly needed besides skill and knowledge. She hopes she can build a truly diverse team in future which provides a true open and learning environment & culture. Sushmita feels that in this era engagement is a key issue and Post COVID has brought up many challenges that we must understand and provide solutions that addresses world's much needed problems and caters to different learning styles in education and learning. She says "education" is not just about what you learn in college. It is about lifelong learning and seeking from the ecosystem around you. She believes you should never stop learning - and you should be open to learn from anyone a child, peer or seniors or experts. Quoting Dr Martin Luther King It seems to me that education has a two-fold function to perform in the life of man and in society: the one is utility and the other is culture. Education must enable a man to become more efficient, to achieve with increasing facility the legitimate goals of his life. You can read more about the award here. Learnroll Immerse has also received STEM Entrepreneur award from AWIS(Association of Women in Science, NJ) and Best in Category of AR & VR Apps award by Wealth & AI Magazine, UK

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