Exploring STEM Careers: AI Readiness for Students in High School and Early College with value-based internship 387 0

Exploring STEM Careers: AI Readiness for Students in High School and Early College with value-based internship


In collaboration team of dynamic women globally with a consulting physician to create remote training missions in various parts of the world using emerging XR and AI/ML to enhance care outcomes..Interns for small businesses or large organizations form a vital part of their ecosystem. An intern may still be pursuing academic goals and working towards his/her career objectives, their fresh and new perspectives can enrich industries/companies in their business and innovation pursuits.

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AI Readiness for Students in High School and Early College .(This has been modified with input and AI based inputs)

We all agree that AI is here to stay and how we optimize its use for learning or skill development than replacing our abilties to think and be unique in our way.

In today's fast-paced digital world, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is everywhere! It's not just for tech wizards and scientists; students in high school and college can also dive into this exciting world of AI-based technologies. Let's take a quick tour of some cool AI tools you can explore, like Machine Learning (ML) and Computer Vision (CV).

1. Machine Learning (ML)

Imagine computers that can learn from data just like you do from your experiences. That's ML! ML helps computers make smart decisions and predictions based on patterns they spot in large sets of information.ou ML in various ways, from predicting the weather to recommending movies on streaming platforms. It's also handy in studying trends and data analysis, which can be super helpful for your school projects and research. However make sure that the note or paper you create has your own individual stamp !!

2. Computer Vision (CV)

Have you ever thought about teaching computers to "see" and understand the world like you do? That's what CV does! CV is like giving eyes to machines, allowing them to recognize and interpret images and videos.CV can be found in everyday gadgets like facial recognition on your phone and self-driving cars, making the world safer and more convenient. As a student, students can use CV to analyze images and videos for research or even create fun applications like filters for your photos.

3. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP is all about teaching computers to understand and communicate with humans in our own language. It's what powers virtual assistants like Siri and chatbots on websites.For students, NLP can assist in language translation, summarizing long texts, or even help you with  language studies. Secure NLP can assist in patient provider interaction based on existing knowledge bases.

4. Robotics and Automation

Physical robots are already part of many programs that can perform tasks or solve problems aided with IOT and other hardware devices. AI make it possible to be more context aware ! Robotics and automation use AI to create machines that can work autonomously.For high school and college students, this can be an exciting field to explore. Maker clubs and institutions can build robots, automate repetitive tasks, or even participate in robotics competitions.

5. AI in Healthcare

AI is also making waves in the field of healthcare. From diagnosing diseases to designing treatment plans, AI is transforming how doctors and researchers work.If you're considering a career in medicine or biology, understanding AI in healthcare can be a game-changer including compliances and interfaces.

In Conclusion

AI-based technologies like Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, and AI in Healthcare aren't just buzzwords. They're tools that you, as a high school or college student, can use to make your studies more exciting and projects more innovative. In recent news the use of AI in cheating in exams has been quite a problem for institutions adminstering formal exams. Students should use it as a tool for self improvement and skill building than cheating mechanisms. Human mind is more complex and has more emapthy, decision making capabilities, which is not possible by machines trained on data and patterns. And machines also may reflect same human biases. Tech for good defines use of a technolgy for a good purpose.

So, don't be intimidated by AI; dive in and explore its limitless possibilities. Who knows, you might just discover your passion and contribute to the future of technology!

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