Exhibiting at Startup Village at SXSW Online event 46 0

Exhibiting at Startup Village at SXSW Online event

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Takeaways from - SXSW Edu Online 2021 The SXSW Edu is one of the premier events held in US. This year the event was online due to the pandemic. We could not attend it last year due to spread of COVID-19 infection. This year we were accommodated for an online exhibition and events. Our founder attended multiple workshops and key sessions to understand trends, pain points and issues affecting ed tech and education this year. Here is a summary of some of the key points raised and takeaways especially for us The keynote session of Oprah Winfrey focused on understanding mental health and its impact on students We did not see many discussions on use of emerging technologies in Higher Education in AI & VR or AR . There has been a larger focus on education policies, ethics and infrastructure to support continuous remote and online learning for students and institutions worldwide. Change is required as outdated curriculums which were specifically made to accommodate learning or jobs for industrial revolution era need revision. 21st century modern needs require robust curriculums, credentialing or courses. The pandemic challenges has generated shortage of essential workforce in health and education. Education must focus on real industry skill needs and prevent higher attrition due to lack of learning outcomes. Women in S.T.E.M - We feel that younger students need newer relatable role models not just older role models like scientists from NASA who worked in 60's or 70's. Sustainability goals must be part of the learning scenario - connecting students to real world sustainability goals that need to be solved. Our founder attended few workshops on that.

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