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Beyond Simulations - Classimmerse VR for Medical & Health Education

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Beyond Simulations - How Classimmerse Virtual Reality empowers healthcare professionals. We use VR technology to empower virtual simulations and scenarios for medical and health education. Learnroll has launched Classimmerse a B2B AR & VR cross-platform training solution. Currently we have deployed our solutions as an official ISV(independent Software Vendor) on the Oculus Business device platform, that provides SaaS based software solutions that simulates classroom based training and lab(medical rooms) using virtual reality (VR) with basic haptics(haptics allow a feeling of touch or grabbing virtual objects with real hands or controllers that act as hands and a basic sound and touch feeling enabled by controllers). Low Cost and Affordable Classimmerse provides use cases for training practitioners in supplementing their knowledge and hard/soft skills for CME Credits.It also has the ability to build foundational courses for new physicians, nurses or assistants including allied health professionals. One of the goals of a CME Education is to enable patient knowledge or health care outcomes using coaching tools that help them feel less anxious example a stent procedure or understanding the risks of a heart stroke. Standalone Enterprise Devices - High Quality and Affordable Oculus Quest/Quest 2 are one of the highest selling devices in consumer space at $299. For Business users the cost is $799 with bulk cloud deploy device manager - and can be deployed on devices anywhere in the world where the devices are officially supported. As an official ISV the platform provides SaaS providers an platform to implement best practices specific for healthcare scenarios and simulations that improve patient outcomes with lightweight devices, that do not require high end expensive PC or mobile phones to run high fidelity or medium fidelity simulations. AI based deep learning, machine learning enable near real situations. For those who are at home and want to try starter lessons- We have Pre-packaged Anatomy Lessons. Foundational Lesson like Cardiovascular Anatomy help in credentialing courses like NYCLEX, Pre-Med, CME/CE/CUE Practice before you try Medical professional participants need to try procedures, get advanced knowledge or develop better empathy using low-cost & scalable "flight simulator like experience that train pilots prior to real flights. Our medical and health training simulations templates like "anatomy" are based on much needed training that benefits from usage of VR and creates an near real environment that participants may experience when they are in a classroom, medical training room so that the environment and the processes are similar. In an Anatomy classroom your virtual voice assistant is like a real professor helping in deep dive from content, anatomy models, labelling or quizzes. Haptics is not just for Surgery Haptics is important part of medical and health education as in a virtual environment "touching and holding" is a challenge. When you hold medical tools, anatomical models and virtual patients(example holding a hand).you achieve the ability to "feel" the simulations in a role playing scenario or a "anatomy" session without game like motion based experience but seated and safe like in a brick & mortar classroom or medical training room. Training Benefits The advantages of simulations in medical training is multifold. It helps in empowering clinicians to improve patient outcomes while reducing the time to learn as well as high cost of medical training in institutions using manikins, audio visual and other equipment's. is cut down to almost 50% Templates - CME providers create standardized content Classimmerse VR is a architecture model created not to just suit one kind of simulation but various simulations based on continuing improving the simulations using easy customizable templates and aligning to healthcare standards like INACSL, SOBP. Our focus - CME Education Healthcare solutions Simulations in VR is not just for surgery training. Healthcare professionals need wide ranging soft and hard skills for patient care. Our organization as a female founded organization wants Classimmerse support CME education for improving healthcare for cardiology and training for early/seasoned healthcare professionals in soft and hard skills training. In 2020 we released "anatomy template" for classroom based training and allow CME providers to customize models, CT/MRI images, videos, images and text to create their own CME training courses or formal credentialing courses/credits from AMA, CCNE and more. Our focus is to empower the training providers build standardized content using templates using collaborations and partnerships. Customized plug and play model allow institutions to add their own content. Change the archaic CME industry practices Despite the emerging technology advancement in health and medical technology, CME education is still very archaic and unchanged for decades using transfer learning approaches using events, videos, lectures. Though the mission of CME as stated in the NIH website is CME is the abbreviation for Continuing Medical Education and consists of educational activities which serve to maintain, develop, or increase the knowledge, skills, and professional performance and relationships that a physician uses to provide services for patients, the public, or the profession. It however mainly consists of passive training methods like classroom text based teaching, viewing cme lectures or talks, attending a conference or viewing a procedure (with no hands on or role playing skills. Compliance to required credits is the main motivation for CME. Patient or Clinician detailed preview (seeing the inside of a heart or motions), active patient involvement in building "patient coaching" modules that teach them about health, care or remove anxiety must be incorporated as part of next gen training solutions. COVID - Changing the Training Scenario High Fidelity in campus solutions using large investments like 100k + on manikins, support personnel, CBD and audio visual equipment with high learning curve is not needed anymore for training. We have created remote online solutions and capability models in SaaS. Remote internet connections like 4G/5G/6G help in creating smooth experiences in VR. To mitigate some of the collaborative issues we have created 2 right fit models a) Self Paced - The institutional self-paced model do not need internet connection after download. Once downloaded the practitioner can use the 30 minutes training module from start to finish at his own pace. The modules when used in a business device can be bulk deployed to other business device of the institution member(clinician) using device manager. The device can be used both at home or institutions. Training can be started at home and completed at the institution. The template allow creating plug and play "VR Lesson". The scenarios are high/medium fidelity VR scenes without use of expensive hardware. Facilitators do not need to use a VR device but use "Casting" over the web or smart device Individual users can use our pre-packaged lessons. b) Collaborative Role Playing models - The second model is a WebXR based virtual training rooms that use a mix of training rooms, virtual avatars and simulations to enable hard skills and soft skills training. The software uses a technology called WebXR that is hardware agnostic and works on any PC or laptop in 3D, or a standard VR headset that is available in the market. The collaborative model lets those users who do not want to use VR to still interact in 3D only. The collaborative model needs a good internet connection and needs optimized models or scenes less than 50 k as it runs using the web. It is perfect for role playing simulation scenarios using lip synced avatars. “Our mission is to empower our health care professionals who save our lives. We need to empower them to provide better outcomes for our own health. CVD & Women CVD are top priority areas for me as my father died of a heart stroke at 58. Women do not prioritize their health and will give more time to their spouses or kids than their own conditions. My mission is to enable low cost, affordable and high quality CME education in terms of saving time, increase knowledge & skills areas and provide hands-on experience,” says Sushmita Chatterjee, Founder and CEO of Learnroll, the company behind Classimmerse VR. “Our aim is a global healthcare education experience – with low cost and affordable investment – to allow CME professionals to learn and hone their soft & hard skills using standardized and analytics backed environment using AI enabled tools to improved training outcomes both for the clinician and patient” Advanced Features - Haptics Our goals is to enable advanced haptics beyond the basic haptics to enable real-time sense of touch. In our current scenario a students who holds a beating heart can feel and hear the heartbeats. We want to incorporate more advanced haptics that is used for soft skills or hard skills training. Haptic Feedback using low cost gloves or hands can help professionals develop better empathy. Advanced Features - Analytics Healthcare competency frameworks globally and in US may have different requirements to ensure that the training is personalized and improving the outcomes as desired. Simulations programs must adhere to same standards as in a traditional program and analytics that measure and track metrics like head movement, haptics, click help in determining how the course can be improved over time based on data based analytics VR/AR - From Simple to Complex scenarios In the next 5 years AR/VR using HMD(head Mounted Device) based technology and usage will increase–complex scenarios like internal heart complications can be deconstructed using VR or live scenarios using VR streaming from a PACU room like heart stroke, patient reactions can be easily brought live to in home/classroom training/patient coaching with VR. Contacting us Classimmerse eliminates the need for complex and expensive training simulations in simulation centers and adopt to our complete virtual model or services without compromising the quality of training. Our blogs share our views, opinions and news about Learnoll LLC products/services, events and more.

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