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AWS Workshop in New York- Emerging Edtech for Learning

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The influx of generative AI in education and training had added dimensions of opportunity but has also initiated the need for building responsible and safe AI solutions.

  1. Security First approach is to address security and privacy needs of applications that may scale from pilots to enterprises. Working on newer technological approaches to cybersecurity readiness will also help us in optimizing our risk plan.
  2. The technology landscape is complex as applications, devices, integration and managing security architectures to proactive stance is critical versus reactive – fix it when it happens.
  3. Generative AI is a key area where many edtech are looking to use – the critical use must ensure the responsible and ethical use. The Global AI framework requires policy, independence, safety at all levels to be truly free of hallucinations, copyrighted data, bias and inclusivity in the data that is trained on. Some of the key development for emerging edtech will be on more on automations or Q&A. Most Edtech may focus on content summarization, levelling, grading and Q&A.
  4. The application use cases also most prevent vendor lock in and allow ease of use across various technology stacks, standards and changing business needs.
  5. The management of sustainability is also core and AWS stack also provides annual CO2 emissions usage which helps in assessing costs of responsible infrastructure uses.

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