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Immersive technologies enable experience based learning. These technologies may be enabled by various form factors that help visual learners grasp complex concepts.

3D Technologies

3D technologies than enhance depth using stereoscopy help in providing better retention than flat 2D for most visual learners. Research has proven that 80% of adults and young learners learn better using visual aids compared to traditional teaching methods.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality(VR) technologies help in creating a "sense of presence".Users not only interact with a scene but feel they are part of it. Learners can now experience what it feels to walk on the mars.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality(AR) is used to overlay digital assets on your real world .Mobile technologies enable marker or non marker based AR which aid in training where real objects can be annotated with AR tools.

Mixed and Extended Reality

Mixed Reality(MR) and Extended Reality(XR) are technologies that allow deep interaction between real worlds and simulated worlds allowing seamless integration of both the worlds.

About Us

Learnroll LLC ("the honor roll for learning")was formed to make learning and training engaging for learners and mentors by parents who were unable to engage their children in S.T.E.M using traditional methods. Visual learning is not only effective in simplifying complexity but creates higher retention rate. Immersive technologies  like AR/VR have different technological challenges like latency issues, simulator sickness , immersion quality,  and  integration challenges to traditional curriculum or labs. We have a center of excellence where we build, experiment technology and curriculum & integrate feedback from parents, teachers and students into our products.